Comet Sport Centre, Farrar street, Comet, Boksburg.

Garmin: S26 12.058  E28 14.493


Kickboxing is becoming increasingly popular with female students, many of which train for fitness and self defence reasons.

Training consists of the following routine:
Warm up exercises;
Running approximately 1km;

Warm up and stretching;
Basic kickboxing techniques;
Bag work;
Advanced kickboxing techniques;
Extreme physical training for 10 minutes

The classes consist of between 20 to 30 students per session.

Training is on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 18h00 to 19h15.

Additional sparring takes place on Saturday mornings from 08h00 and 09h30 and all affiliated club members are welcome

Grading takes place twice a year and all members are encouraged to take part

The Club also takes part in all major affiliated tournaments throughout the year.  The most important being the SA Kickboxing Championships.





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